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    Have you lost money in Guvera and interested in pursuing a class action?

    CCI emphasises it will not cost you anything to register. There are no investigation and/or legal fees required to be paid upfront.

    Background to claim

    Coburn Corporate Intelligence Pty Limited, ACN 160 777 962 (CCI) is an international specialist investigation firm based in Australia. CCI assists individuals to recover money where their investments have failed in questionable circumstances.

    We have conducted an extensive investigation into Guvera Limited (Guvera) and the circumstances of how investors came to purchase shares in Guvera and lose money. We understand that nearly all investors in Guvera have purchased shares as a result of a referral by their accountant to a representative of Guvera.

    We have already initiated legal proceedings in the Federal Court of Australia against an accounting firm who introduced their clients to Guvera.

    We are moving forward with a view to commencing proceedings against other relevant accounting firms who introduced their clients to Guvera.

    If you have received advice to purchase shares in Guvera from any accounting firm within Australia and are interested in a being involved in a proposed class action to recover the funds you invested, please complete your registration details above and tick the consent box. If you have already registered with CCI, there is no need for you to complete the form again.

    We will only commence a legal action if there is an appropriate level of interest from investors.

    Frequently asked questions:

    It is most unlikely that Guvera will be able to return your funds as its main subsidiaries are in liquidation and there are insufficient assets than can be liquidated to pay you.  It is not clear how Guvera spent the money you invested or where your funds went.

    Coburn Corporate Intelligence is an advisory firm which specialises in the conduct of large financial investigations.  We put together a team of lawyers and a funder to bring actions in order to obtain returns for investors.  We work on a speculative basis – no win/no fee and are only paid when we win.  Our fees are approved by the Court in any successful action.  We have been involved in a number of high-profile actions that have secured returns for investors. 

    Depending upon the settlement terms, if we are successful, investors may receive between 30% to 60% return on their principal funds invested.  If you don’t register to be involved in the class action, then you will not be included in any settlement and therefore miss out on any compensation awarded.

    It may take between one to two years.

    It will cost you absolutely nothing to be involved in this registration for the proposed class action. You will not be asked to contribute to the costs of the proceeding unless there is a successful outcome, in which case the costs (including any litigation funders fee) will be deducted from any award of damages.

    CCI will add you to their class action database and you will be notified by email as we progress through each stage of the proceedings.