Important request for claimants in the OMI/Quilter proceedings as per email update issued on 15/8/2022.

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The Full name/s of the person or company that owns this policy.
Your OMI/Quilter Policy number/s (2XXXXXXX)
Please confirm whether; 1. You believe the facts contained in the Claim Form and Particulars of Claim are true and; 2. You authorise a Callin Wild Advocate to sign statements on your behalf confirming the facts contained in the Claim form and Particulars of Claim are true.
Have you been approached by Quilter demanding you waive your claim to enable you to surrender your bonds? In the event you believe the facts are true but wish to withdraw for other reasons please tick and provide reasons. PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU WISH TO WITHDRAW AS EXPLAINED AT SIGN UP, THE COURT HAS THE POWER TO AWARD COSTS AGAINST YOU.
Please attach a copy of the waiver, signed or unsigned.
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