Ward Hodgman LL.B , B.F.A.

Ward was admitted to practise as a Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of Australia in 1986. He has practised in a number of Australian state jurisdictions, acting on behalf of some of Australia’s biggest banks and accounting firms.

Ward has handled a number of legal matters ranging across Mining law, Banking & Finance, Insolvency, Commercial agreements as well as a broad spectrum of Civil Litigation.

Ward has long had interest in various aspects of Information Technology, Computer Networking and other Digital possibilities.

Extending from his interest in Cloud based IT platforms, Ward’s legal focus has now turned towards the International. In that regard, he now is currently involved in what appears to be an extensive cross jurisdictional financial investigation.

When not professionally engaged, Ward can at times be found trying to keep a ball on a fairway with a bunch of golf clubs, enjoys the fine arts, and takes an interest in the Australian political scene and geopolitics.