Nathan Lynch has spent two decades exploring the hidden world of dark money that fuels organised crime, corruption and violent extremism around the globe. He has broken bread with Hezbollah’s bankers in Jordan, wakeboarded in Hong Kong with high-net-wealth individuals hiding assets from China, formed friendships with undercover agents and enjoyed a rare insight into the world’s financial intelligence community.

Nathan has followed the world’s illicit money flows to the free trade zones and gold refineries of the United Arab Emirates, where conflict gold is transmuted into central-bank quality bars of bullion. He has riffed on a cheap nylon string guitar and “talked story” with South-East Asia’s top anti-corruption investigators, who are wresting control of their democracies from ruthless, murderous kleptocrats.

Nathan has appeared across the world’s leading media outlets as an international expert on financial crime. He has trained law enforcement agencies, government officials and bankers across Asia and the Middle East on the techniques that the world’s criminals use to hide their ill-gotten gains.

In his extensive work as a financial crime writer, Nathan lifts the veneer on the world’s black money markets. He is a strong advocate for tougher anti-money laundering laws and the use of technology to detect and disrupt serious and organised crime threats.

Nathan has been certified by the United States Department of Justice’s elite CCIPS Cybercrime Laboratory as a Digital Forensic Incident Response Specialist.

He is a program expert with the US-based Financial Services Volunteer Corps, which offers support to developing countries to help them combat corruption, terrorism financing, money laundering and other serious financial crimes.

Nathan has written professionally since the mid-1990s, primarily about financial crime matters, and currently works as the Asia-Pacific manager for Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence.