Expressions of Interest

Claim against Royal London RL360

Coburn Corporate Intelligence Pty Ltd (Australia) (CCI) is preparing a class action at no upfront cost to you against Royal London 360 Insurance Company Limited (“RL360”). The claim relates to ‘Bonds’ (known by various names including Portfolio Bonds, Reserve Bonds, Insurance Bonds, Investment Bonds or Redemption Bonds) sold by RL360.

Background to claim

RL360 is an international offshore savings, protection and investment provider, headquartered in the Isle of Man serving clients in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, the UK and Latin America. It is part of the International Financial Group Limited (“IFGL”). It is alleged that many investors internationally who invested in the fund products listed below may have lost all or some of their savings. If you have lost money in the funds listed below please register your interest.

Eligibility to participate in the class actions

  1. Did you invest in a Portfolio Bond linked to funds on platforms run by RL360?
  2. Was the Portfolio Bond linked to any of the following funds (the “Failed Funds”)?

    • Axiom Legal Financing Fund;
    • LM Managed Performance Fund;
    • All other LM Group funds including the Trilogy Wholesale FMIF
    • Premier New Earth (all Premier New Earth managed investment schemes);
    • Premier Eco Resources
    • Kijani Fund
    • EEA Fund Management (Guernsey) Ltd.
    • EEA Life Settlement Fund
    • EFG International Tracker Certificate on the A.C.A.C.I.A Index
    • Acacia 1 Natixis Autocall on Occidental Petroleum et al USD
    • Acacia 6 Natixis Autocall Note Linked to Standard Life Plc et al GBP
    • Acacia 4 Natixis Autocall on Deutsche Bank et al GBP
    • Acacia 7 Natixis Autocall Note on Royal Dutch Shell Plc et al GBP
    • Acacia 3 Natixis Autocall on Cisco Systems Inc et al USD
    • Acacia 9 Natixis Autocall on HSCEI Index et al USD
    • Standard Bank Fusion 1
    • Standard Bank Fusion 3
    • Standard Bank Fusion 4
    • CitiFirst Autocall Nt Lkd 3 stks silver
    • Standard Bank Silver & Stocks USD
    • Other failed funds – please name in your response above

If the answers to the above queries are ‘Yes’, you may be able to register for the Class Action and become a Member. Following registration, your details will be reviewed by CCI and you may be eligible to participate in the Class Actions as a Member.

Registering requires no upfront cost or commitment (although we may require more information from you before you can participate in the Class Actions and/or as the proceedings progress if you are accepted to participate in the Class Actions as a Member).

If and when accepted to participate in either of the Class Actions as a Member, you will have access to:

  1. updates on the progress of the matter;
  2. participation in any settlement that may be reached with RL360; and
  3. information from the Legal Team and the LMC.

By registering with us, you are providing your consent for us to contact you in relation to this matter, which consent you are at liberty to withdraw at any time by de-registering (N.B. withdrawal if you are accepted as a Member is subject to additional conditions). Registration will not expose you to any liability for costs. If you are eligible and accepted to participate in the Class Actions, we will obtain express authority to incur costs on your behalf (although litigation funding and ATE insurance is in place in relation to such costs). Registration does not create any obligation or duty on the part of CCI or the Legal Team to the registering parties, save to undertake not to pass your contact information on to third parties except in relation to the furtherance of this matter and to delete all contact information from our database in the event that you de-register.

Complete the form above to register your interest in participating. If we proceed with this action, we will contact you via email to provide further details about your claim before you will be added as a member of the class action.

Coburn Corporate Intelligence Pty Ltd ACN 160 777 962 (CCI) specialises in investigating and bringing large claims against financial institutions. We put together a team of lawyers and help to arrange funding and insurance to bring actions in order to obtain compensation for investors. The majority of our fees are contingent on winning the case and there is therefore a full alignment of interests here.

You will not be added to the Class Actions at this time. CCI will add you to a database for the Class Actions and we may require further information from you. If you are eligible to join and complete the necessary steps, you will only be added as a Member of the Class Actions at the point at which you are formally added to the proceedings by agreement or court order. CCI or the Legal Team will inform you when you have been added to the Class Actions.