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Claim against Quilter (formerly Old Mutual International Isle of Man Ltd and Royal Skandia Life Assurance Ltd) and Claim against Friends Provident International Limited.

Coburn Corporate Intelligence Pty Ltd (Australia) (CCI) are organising a claim at no upfront cost to you against Quilter International Isle of Man Limited (Quilter) (formerly Old Mutual International Isle of Man Ltd), Friends Provident International Limited (FPI) (together the insurance companies).

Background to claim

The insurance companies hosted funds on their platforms which failed. It is alleged that people who invested in Portfolio Bonds, which were linked to those funds on the insurance companies’ platforms, are entitled to compensation.

The failed funds include:

  1. Axiom Legal Financing Fund;
  2. LM Managed Performance Fund;
  3. All other LM Group funds including the Trilogy Wholesale FMIF
  4. Premier New Earth (all Premier New Earth managed investment schemes);
  5. Premier Eco Resources

Current stage of claim

Solicitors, Signature Litigation LLP (London), Advocates Callin Wild LLC (Isle of Man) and Queen’s Counsel in London (the “Legal Team”) have reviewed the facts and have prepared both the Quilter Claim and the FPI Claim. CCI have completed the funding arrangements for both claims. The claims are likely to be for more than £100 million.

The claims are overseen by a five-member Advisory Committee, comprising of investors and independent members (the “Advisory Committee”) with a sub group for the Quilter Claim and the FPI Claim as required.

Eligibility to participate in claim

  1. Did you invest in a Portfolio Bond linked to funds on platforms run by either Quilter (formerly OMI, Skandia) or FPI?
  2. Was the Portfolio Bond linked to any of the following funds?

    • Axiom Legal Financing Fund;
    • LM Managed Performance Fund;
    • All other LM Group funds including the Trilogy Wholesale FMIF
    • Premier New Earth (all Premier New Earth managed investment schemes);
    • Premier Eco Resources

Registering is cost and commitment free; once accepted to participate in a Claim you will have access to:

  1. updates on the progress of the matter;
  2. participation in any settlement that may be reached with the insurance companies; and
  3. information and advice at the point of issuance of a claim.

By registering with us you are providing your consent for us to contact you in relation to this matter, which consent you are at liberty to withdraw at any time by de-registering. Registration will not expose you to any liability for costs; express authority to incur costs on your behalf would have to be obtained before any liability could arise. Registration does not form any obligation on CCI owing to the registering parties, save to undertake not to pass your contact information on to third parties except in relation to the furtherance of this matter and to delete all contact information from our database in the event that you de-register.

Upon registration you will be required to certify that you purchased relevant bonds through either Quilter (OMI/Skandia) or FPI and you believe that you have suffered a loss as a result of those investments.

Once this process has been completed, you will become a Member of the Quilter Claim or the FPI Claim and you will be eligible to have them pursued on your behalf (as part of a Class Action) in the Isle of Man High Court.

How do I register my claim?

There is no cost to you whatsoever for registering. All claim ongoing costs are being met by a third-party litigation funder.

All up, this process should take no longer than one hour from start to finish. You will be required to provide your personal details including information on which fund you invested with, through which insurance company and the amount of your estimated loss in GBP or equivalent.

If you have kept the original Application Form provided to the insurers in respect of the Portfolio Bond, it should be uploaded (attached) with your details.

1. Register your name and email below.

This adds you to our email list to stay up to date on the progress of the matter. PLEASE NOTE: simply adding your name to our email list does NOT make you a member of the class. We will send you more information and agreements that you must accept before we can formally add you as a member.

2. Read and accept the LMA and LMCA agreements

We will email these to you with some details about the claim. Accepting is an easy quick reply email.

3. Upload supporting documents

Finally, we need you to upload your supporting documents and provide some details about your claim. We will send you a link via email to provide your information and upload your documents. While you wait for us to send your link, get your documents ready to upload. We can accept PDF files only, and a maximum size of 32MB. If you have trouble with your documents, please contact us on admin@coburnci.com.